About Us

Harbour Press International is the proud publisher of some great authors and eminent works of gifted storytellers. At Harbour, we believe that literature can provide a sense of imagination and give soul to our body. There’s a book on our shelves for every reader, and we relish the opportunity to publish across every category and interest with utmost care and enthusiasm.

Harbour Press International is one of the leading academic publishers based out of Mumbai. We believe in providing accurate, authentic and skillful knowledge to our students.

We are looking to make a difference in the world of education by providing not only the 21st-century information but also the approach. We aim to be facilitators not only for foreign languages but also popularise the regional languages and familiarise our students with it. We strive at being ‘glocal’, or globally local.

We are much more than just a Publication House, as we are on a journey to Build Books that Create Lives. We wish to join hands with you in this journey and educate the world with right information at the right time.